Seal Rock, o/c, 44″x59″, 2011

Hero and Leander, o/c, 60″x72″, 2004

Rossnowlagh, o/c, 44″x59″, 2015

La Fuite, o/c 44″x59″, 2010

Ancora, o/c, 44″x59″, 2013

Mooring, o/c, 34″x55″, 2010

Les Méduses, o/c, 60″x80″, 2003

Inondation, 44″x59″, 2010

Oslofjord, o/c, 44″x59″, 2015

Santa Monica, oil on paper, 11″x14″, 2017

Current #1, o/c, 59″x44″, 2018

Current #4, o.c, 80″x60″, 2019

Current #10, 20″x16″, 2020

Current #3, 59″x44″, 2019

Current #12, o/c, 20″x16″, 2020

Current #13, o/c, 20″x16″, 2020

Expanse, o/c, 44″x59″, 2022

I have been interested in painting as a floating space, with layers of forms, and many possible points of focus. I am fascinated by the events that evolve on the canvas, and their tacit metaphorical relation to the dynamism of nature and life.